Kathleen Finn Jordan
and Amy Souza

Amy Souza
Untitled Abstract Acrylic Painting
Inspiration piece

Blue Mood
By Kathleen Finn Jordan


The times challenge, flummox, knock your feet in the air

Longing for grounded and earth and joyful yellows while

Blues and greens, debt and failure, nibble at the edges of the mood

Occupy chants linger at the periphery as protest cries for justice and peace

Seep through the blues greening into speckles of hope

Justice in the air as Occupiers are arrested, moved, pepper sprayed and

A thankless society though it supports stands idle on the brink

Of whites and reds swirling, suggesting lighter hues creeping toward the middle

Calling, repeating the chants of the 99 percent and aspirations

For a catapult from the abstract to the concrete, where heroes are once again the good guys

And fraudsters, criminals and stealers of the childrens’ future are tried

In the court of the white ribbons of truth and gnarled brown tree bark of strength and wisdom.


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