Cara Moulds and Anne Marie Perconti

Anne Marie Perconti  charcoal on canvas

Hollow at the Core
Cara Moulds

I am
A pair of ragged claws
Scuttling across the floor
In death’s other kingdom
Of my own design


For I
And I alone
Am the creator
Of the dark night of my soul.
I am.


People whose houses were bombed
Don’t remember hearing anything.


Life is very long.
Works and days
Texts and to-do’s
The morning comes to consciousness
Waking alone to see
Eyes I dare not meet in dreams.


Live at once
On the plane we know and
In some other reality
From which we
Are shut out


I am
A pair of ragged claws scuttling
Across the floor of death’s
Other kingdom.
I am.


The world will not end
With a bang or a whimper.
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