Diane Mayr and Channie Greenberg

Shall We Dance?

by Diane Mayr

Response piece


Parenting’s Saxophone Smiles

by Channie Greenberg

Inspiration piece


 Parenting’s Saxophone Smiles

When lads do play a piccolo, girls tweet upon a flute,
Bray a brassy trumpet or pluck chords upon a lute,
Then blow a fife, sound a horn, bang a drum, to boot;
Parenting gives me saxophone smiles.

Pellucid jars, small shiny things, some mother’s pride, what’s more,
Diaper bins, mache birds on wing, some blocks spilled on the floor,
Library books strewn all around, amongst stuffed beasts’ mute roar;
Such bedlam makes me dance insanely.

Bright crayon wax shaved between carrots, peas, potatoes,
My children’s favorite meals make mounds on chairs, rugs, tables,
Nonetheless, I serve up more with gravy since I’m able;
Their messes inspire me to write.

Wee athletes, whom I’ll emulate, “one thousand years from now,”
Leap over laundry, hesitate, don’t think to grab their towels,
Dear star-kissed heads nod in the bath, lull cradled on warm boughs;
My offsprings’ nap time can’t come too soon.

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  1. Posted February 27, 2012 at 9:59 pm | #

    Wonderful way to salvage fun and art from chaos. The poem and the image are redemptive and playful. Wonderful work!