Paula B. Lantz and
Amy L. VanDerwater

Mixed Media on Canvas
Paula B. Lantz
Inspiration Piece

The Water Tower

The Water Tower in our town
is cotton candy blue.
It looks down on my neighborhood.
It watches what we do.

It feeds each field of yellow corn
and helps us find our way.
It guards the ancient graveyard
where my Grandma goes to pray.

My house is small and orange.
The Tower – blue and tall.
It guides me as I walk to school
and cheers when I play ball.

The Tower wears graffiti
from kids of long ago.
I blur my eyes through pinkish light
to make the letters glow.

It knew my dad when he was young.
And it will know me when I’m old.
The Tower stands through heavy heat.
The Tower stands through minty cold.

The Water Tower knows our names.
It hears us when we sing or cry.
Like Santa or Orion
it lives and laughs up in the sky.

Amy Ludwig VanDerwater

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