Marla Deschenes and Sukia



Goddess Power

by Marla Deschenes


From the part of me that sees from that eye placed so firmly by the goddess
The eye of truth that shines as bright as the sun from its spot upon my forehead
The parts of me kept hidden from an unforgiving world
The label they place upon me whispered face to ear, lips moving softly

Embraced by the darkest spirit animal of the raven
Their magic keeps me safe from those who would do all they could to hurt me
The power of a woman pulses through my heartbeat to soft wings
Quivering with the protection offered against the world, my safest place

I can hold the earth at my breasts and the oceans so close to my throat
The power emanating from my womb the rites of passage for all women
The dark goddess haunts my hours both waking and asleep
But the raven and the others know what I am, huddling close to taste the magick


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