Sharon Deegan and Tora Estep

Tora Estep

Inspiration piece


Some of the places You took me to

Sharon Deegan



I carried You in my mind everywhere I went-

First, You took me to the Summer Carnival

Riding the swinnnggsss- a giant metal whirling skirt

Skimming the edge of the finite sky I am

Tethered safely to the center of the earth.

I gasp, exhilarated, kick my feet, out-stretch my arms, laughing.

I remember, being in love would feel like this.


Later, You beckoned me, home, to the sea where

We will meet, there to weave the train of our

Tribal wedding gown from long lush hours

Carelessly spent. Splashed roughly through with indigo waves of

Intention and desire, hemmed with ephemeral moments of celestial symmetry

Stored in the natural rhythm of our feet walking resolutely to or from the other

Irrevocably tethering us.


Resolutely you left then, you said ‘to challenge the wisdom of gods and Fools’

You stalked the edges of faith and doubt, sent

Letters dark and light, scoffing or importuning

From rebellious blue You to rebellious blue me,

Tethered to the compass of your absence.



Then, my solemn soldier, you returned from self-imposed exile

And I, relieved, exhilarated, meet you with arms outstretched

And feet planted.

Re-tethered on frayed threads to the center of each other,

Careful, circling, remembering.


Oh, and Finally.

Floating- an old woman found you face down at sunset.



I am unwoven from every fabric

Un-tethered- but staked

To this new understanding of the visceral tangibility of nothing

Unknown anymore.


Yet, this morning a fallen feather lifts and carries me

Inward through the thinning veil where

I do discern the thrumming of an abandoned skirt skimming

The edge of the finite sky, with threads

Of light weaving through my winter grown coat,

Illuminating the paradox of death.

I gasp in startled recognition of

The silent blue and the striking incandescence

That could only be you.

It is all that I remember-

Shall I suppose that I am not alone in this infinite place?

With gratitude, I do.

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  1. Posted June 10, 2012 at 12:19 pm | #

    Beautiful poem. I love where Sharon went with my inspiration piece. This was an incredibly rewarding experience. Thanks to Sharon and to SPARK.