Amy Ludwig VanDerwater and Diane Mayr

Diane Mayr
“Murphy Fix”

Amy Ludwig VanDerwater
“Taking Stock”

Taking Stock

Dubble Bubble! Lollipop!
Junior Mints! Milky Way!
Reeses! Skittles! M & Ms!
It’s Halloween!
My favorite day!

Treasure fills our fuzzy rug.
Tootsie Rolls march single file.
Milk Duds! Whoppers! Taffy! Twix!
Candy corn lights up my smile.
I’m mesmerized by tiny Smarties
hypnotized by rows of treats
energized by Sugar Daddies.
We’ve never had so many sweets!

But now we do.
And now we’re rich.
My brother ghost
and me –
the witch.

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