Marla Deschenes
and Fiona Avocado

Fiona Avocado
Inspiration piece

Morning Rituals
By Marla Deschenes

The simple ways of living are the beauty in this suburban jungle
The mornings where I cross that floor full of determination
To make this day better with more coffee, and more adoration from my dog
His morning walk complete before I move to zipper on my coat.

My footsteps imprint upon the stairs in sock-like patterns
The morning is when I meditate beneath lingering stars
The dog’s breath fogging up the fall air, the air breathing the cold brisk of fall
My thoughts on what’s ahead and what will forever be behind.

Padding back home gratefully for coffee and the beloved kibble
I leave my companion behind for his morning of sleeping on the furniture
And make my way back out into the crisp, the air swooshing with a laugh through my hair
The too early jack-o-lanterns mock me from the neighbor’s yard as I hurry to my day.

My happiness is not hard won through business purpose
The mornings where I lay beside the dog for just that moment of a little longer
And make my excuses to the alarm clock, and cross the floor with bravery of warm socks
Encasing my feet, my hard-won victory of purpose for another money making day.

The wind blows back my still open jacket as I descend the concrete stairs
To the automobile that is still kind enough to transport me after all these years.
I take one glance back at the house, and turn the key in the ignition
My happiness is my survival and my heart on my sleeve love.

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