Mary-Antonia Lombardi
and Lisa Nielsen

Mary-Antonia Lombardi
Letting Go

Acrylic on paper


What Once Saved Me
By Lisa Nielsen

Inspiration piece


You were a boarder

jetstreaming on the milky way,

valiantly negotiating tributaries of the universe

for the best route to earth and


became my redeemer. An invitation swaddled in blood and skin,

(cleansing the palate of my brutal life)

my second chance


Now, tormented, I cast shadows

for what will save you, convinced the right

calculation of your  frustrations,

(you are soaked with weed, beer and futility)

will reduce them to sub particles


there is no equilibrium in a battle of wills,

our respective corners are jammed

with the past, present and future

and the accolades of knowing

(my scars – a roadmap I hope you never read)


“You are over-thinking” he says

“I see what you’re doing”,

hand waving towards the ceiling

like he’s conducting his life


and I am simply out of tune


doesn’t he see,

I just want him to remember infinity?




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  1. Posted September 24, 2012 at 7:36 am | #

    So symbiotic. Mary-Antonia’s image captures the poem, particularly in the infant’s eyes and the mother’s extended fingers: two details that render Lisa’s words into image. I want to see more work by the two of you!