Nicholas Clark and Laura Shovan

La Epifania Mojada (Click link for WAV file)
By Nicholas Clark

Feel What I’m Singing
Found Poem By Laura Shovan
Inspiration piece

Someone asked me the other day,
they said, Etta, you know
you had a rollercoaster of a life.
But if I, if I didn’t have a rollercoaster
how would I, how would I know?
How would I be able to
sing about the things?
How would I be able to
feel what I’m singing about,
the ups and the downs,
the highs and the lows
And I love, I really do
I love the highs and the lows.
I think that’s put some fat on my head.

From Women in Jazz: Interview with Etta James, viewable on YouTube


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  1. Posted September 26, 2012 at 6:47 pm | #

    I love this! From the “foundness” of Laura’s poem to the musical response (The Wet Epiphany) from Nicholas, to SPARK’s larger framework of call & response. Thanks!