Jean Frank Stark and Sandy Coleman

Sandy Coleman
Inspiration piece

By Jean Frank Stark


As a child I knew a power that as an adult I learned to hide. I know that the use of my power is successful if it benefits others.  If it were not to work for the good, I would only become weak in the long run.  The philosophy that “might is right” and “survival is of the fittest” is what my old-school father believed  in when he was younger.  That philosophy never worked for me.  I didn’t and don’t want to overpower others or be above them by a force that keeps them down.  To think that way is draining and unnatural. If I am able to see above the things of violence then I can find peace, and if I can find peace I can give it to others.

I feet right and good about stories like Peter Pan, the Velveteen Rabbit and other childhood fairy tales that are more real to my heart.  I believe in everyone winning, in happily ever after and in hope springs eternal.  Even though there are obstacles in the way, like the Captain Hooks, or the perilous journeys to Watership Down, there is also the realization that  the impossible may be possible.  What I believe in and my very thoughts can have the power to transform me and my life.  That is all I can hope for.  It is a place to start.

I can  believe in myself.  As an adult Captain Hook may have had a hold on me more than I would like to admit so shaking him off  begins with how I think about him.  Maybe it takes work but it’s good work that will last.   It’s the Alchemy needed.  I begin with what I want whether it’s peace or love, laughter and rest.  I focus on those things only and not on Captain Hook.  This may sound like pixie dust, that’s what I’m saying.  I have no problem with it. I’ve tried it and it works.

This is how I arrive in the space where I want to dwell in.  The power center in the body is called the Solar Plexus, the place of enlightenment, power, the will.  It’s where I activate what is inside already and let this will that is already there come forth.  I come equipped to handle every thing on my path.  Now that I’m here I just need to real-ize me, like the rabbit.

Solar  literally means an upper “Living Room”.  Plexus means a network of interwoven  pathways.  In this upper room I live where I can see over all the little things below.  I have to practice “living” there.  Every day, every thought and action grow in the direction of being better for me and for all.  All the small things that I don’t need to sweat are in the lower rooms.  I’m choosing the Solar Room.

When I’m worried, depressed or unhappy, I’m living in the room beneath the Solar room and one way I can climb up is by realizing the connection I have to others who live there: Peter Pan, the Velveteen Rabbit, Buddha, friends and acquaintences who are helpful  just because they are who they are.    I and they are all one part of this network and we are all on the same path of wanting to live better.

The world wants this peace now.  Whether it means taking over coorporations, being part of the Arab Spring, being a minority with a voice, speaking truth…the power of everyone is beginning to realize and people are needing to live in the Solar light of a higher truth.  The journey to Watership down is not uncertain, it’s simply a matter of getting there by going through and transforming what is to what the will of all of us together would have things be.  This means no one person will have more or less than another.  It means everyone wins.

It is the Holiday season as I write this and I envision that like the Velveteen Rabbit everyone is more fully realized through love.  It is our love of others which is part of this process.  As I see everyone finding something closer to the truth of knowing their personal power and joy within I feel this increasing in myself.  In the Secret Garden of every solar plexus and center of being we can make a higher place to live for ourselves.  In doing so we become stronger and make it easier for others.  “At first people refuse to believe that a strange new thing can be done, then they begin to hope it can be done, then they see it can be done–then it is done and all the world wonders why it was not done centuries ago” Frances Hodgson Burnett, The Secret Garden.

Happy Holidays.


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