Kristine Conley-Brockie and Nick Lotze


Kristine Conley-Brockie


Nick Lotze

Inspiration piece

Antiseptic Sunshine

November 22, 2010

December 1983 saw a terrible crash, a ten car accident caught on tape by passerby’s turning disaster into a finely shot craft and the cynics couldn’t help but laugh, though some left aghast; shining lights into night searching for life like the homeless in the dumpsters for treasure in between the trash.

Eyes straining on a past like an ear pressed with a glass against the wall of a house made of photographs and with that a child born into this world with a harvest that yields less wheat than chaff.

Days gone by living a life not blessed but instead mired in distress, buried by regrets already before his first breath, the light in a child’s eyes extinguished like moth’s drawn to cover the flames of a candle burning at each end but still blinded by the antiseptic shine of the lights hanging high as his first artificial sunrise.

His thoughts, embers that glimmer, self reflecting on a remiss future as it gets dimmer, nothing in life sacred, judgment before those who’d cast the first stones, feeling cold almost naked, trying to use written words as a blanket whilst measuring the level of decayment of all his relationships, searching for reason why reason did fail as each day turns into night before slipping through a child’s fingertips so frail.


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  1. Posted December 7, 2012 at 4:27 pm | #

    She did an amazing job on the parts she was able to draw, I wish she had more time so I could see more brought into her art medium!

  2. Posted December 7, 2012 at 8:13 pm | #

    This would make an awesome cover for a chapbook. Seriously, I love this response piece. Hell, make it your goddamned facebook timeline cover photo thing.