Margaret Mair and Tyler Brewington

Margaret Mair, UnderWater, Acrylic on canvas


Hawaii, by Tyler Brewington

Inspiration piece

In the language there is life, in the language there is death. I wanted an ambitious renovation of the nest. The nest filled with water and proved just as dangerous as the open sea. I got in in very good time and got, with the dolphin, excellent stabling. I pitched in, I swam for the shark. I mean in support of, in solidarity, and also I swam towards the shark. If there was an outlet here I wasn’t using it. If I had been in Rome, architecturally, I would have said this reminds me of Rome. I looked out to the beyond. It wasn’t a place where people go to have fun, but it happens sometimes. I flew home. Ma’am, I was told at the airport, don’t show me your bikini. Ma’am, I have to find your bikini on my own.

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