Guillermo Warley and Pharoah Bolding

Pharoah Bolding
Inspiration piece

Full Moon
By Guillermo Warley


Little Johnny was the undisputed champion of the world. He mastered all varieties of computer games and had racked up millions of points. There was simply no rival. Video game arcades, Internet games, smart phone games or cloud games. It didn’t matter.

His fast fingers, focused eyes, and quick mind had killed, maimed, obliterated and destroyed thousands of aliens, monsters, and evil-looking creatures. At the tender age of 17 he was respected and revered among the gamers. He walked the school corridors with confidence. The game name, the rules, the particular shape and size of the monster of the day were simply inconsequential. Johnny always won, and the monsters always died.

But, do game monsters ever really die?

After we see the quick flash on the screen and a smoking pile of rubble where the monster was, just an instant earlier, is that really the end of the creature?

Johnny found the answers to these questions in a sudden and brutal way. Unfortunately, he can’t share them with anybody. His dead body was found in a street ally. The eyes wide open, frozen by horror.

For each monster so skillfully incinerated by his powerful cyber gun, a tiny bit of energy was added to the Monster ‘s Revenge Project. The MRP existed in a world of fantasy, electronics, and computers. Only a huge amount of energy could break the barrier between that obscure world and the real world. And then only for a short period of time, enough to bring a measure of justice to billions of monsters destroyed by game players. The two worlds rarely crossed paths. But this one time they did.

By the time the giant monster had him in the cross hairs of its perfected laser eyepiece, there was no escape for Johnny. Crawling out of the room and into the streets was merely prolonging the agony. The outcome was inevitable. Johnny’s fate was sealed. The monster had no face, except for its huge black laser eye. But somehow he was smiling. He pursued Johnny relentlessly, agitating his multiple mechanical arms as if performing a macabre victory dance.

Johnny hoped someone would see them. He crawled towards the streetlights fighting the panic that had completely overtaken him. But suddenly it was dark. And all he saw before dying was the shadow projected on the floor by his relentless hunter. The night of Johnny’s demise turned out to be a full moon night.

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