Robbi Nester and Lavina Blossom

Lavina Blossom

Inspiration piece


What They Found

Robbi Nester


In the stories we have passed down forever
on steles and carved stones, on paper
and skins worn thin by the hands of many
there were two in the garden
lying naked and warm in the deep grass
where it was always summer
under the shade of trees older than the world:
the ripe pomegranate and the pear.
Tiny blue-eyed flowers speckled the grass.
They needed only to reach out a hand
and sweet fruit would find the open palm.
But even then, the mind was a weapon
a sharpened stick. In the stories
they climbed the wall, wanting
to learn what was out there.
Beyond lay a world ripe for making
where the sun burned cold
retreating by night.
They needed skins, needed to take lives
so they themselves could live.
In the image, grainy figures
the deep pink of sandstone
scrawled shadows against a blue
ground face away, toward glaciers,
endless fields of blue ice.
They cannot climb back over the wall.
The way is barred.
They can only go forward
into the deadly and beautiful future
their blessing and curse.


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