Kathleen Finn Jordan and Gina Katz


Gina Katz  collage

Inspiration Piece

Help Me

Kathleen Finn Jordan

out of seas of depression and tumultuous history

a soul is on its way into peril

into need to survive and somehow some way to find an exit

to continue into the future

from a present, wounded, shrapnelled yesterday

how to begin, how to navigate the seas of dark,

the air of hopeless

the drugs that make it a bit more palatable and leave one

much more chained and dammed

the Ts and As of another’s scrabble board

become the resources to fight another day

the only resources to save, to promote, to display in the picture window of the destitute and the losers

all is destruction and the need for respect and love and sleep


the smell of liquor and the floodlights of white glare blind the performer

immersing one in shades of giving up and letting go and perhaps escaping

but the how remains impossible to contemplate

Help me.

Finish me.


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