Tora Estep and KJ Hannah Greenberg

Tora Estep
Inspiration Piece

Until Exhausted
KJ Hannah Greenberg

Response Piece

Women fight back; words,
Alimony, poisoned teacups,
Until collapsing, exhausted.

Thereafter, tatters of hairstyles,
Sensible shoes, refusals: no more
Long shifts, sexual submission,
Reliance on rooted partnerships.

It’s terrible to need happiness.
Bluebirds, starry-eyed stags,
As well as sympathy, empathy,
Compassion, fidelity, coupled
Solidarity, remain vivid myths.

Still, unions trudge forward.
Empty of purpose, worn gals
Willingly accept roles such as
“Second best,” “used up,” and
“Harridan.” Such hulls blow
Kisses to new, unsullied wives.

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