Jules Rolfe and Traci Robison

Traci Robison

Where We Buried Cammi Sue

Inspiration piece


Don’t open your eyes

By Jules Rolfe



Blue, blurred, harsh, unclear




Your eyes

Promises of light shone

through the optimistic cracks

in your eyelids are lies told by strangers


Blue, blurred, harsh, unclear




Your eyes

You are not

ready for how harsh,

how hollow truth can be


Blue, burred, harsh, and unclear





Your eyes

You do not want

to know the sadness, pain

despair, and ugliness of grief


Blue, blurred, harsh, unclear



Open your eyes

Nothing becomes sharper.

or clearer. Please. Let me spare you

the vision. The fear. The disappointment.



open your eyes.

Let me lead you. Let me.

Let me lead you a few more miles,

1 more yard, 2 more feet, 1 more inch


These leaves,

this bark, these branches

are explored more gently with fingers

are better scrapped roughly against cheeks, against lips

are best rubbed up and down the vertebrae of a spine, one at a time

with feet anchored firmly to the ground, winding around

and feeding these roots, than ever seen

blue, blurred, harsh, and unclear.

Open your eyes.


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