Kathleen Finn Jordan
and Brian MacDonald

Brian MacDonald
Inspiration Piece

Speckled from forest to hand
By Kathleen Finn Jordan


Bleeding from the pages of
Mountains of books
Bleeding from the processed wood once
The birthing branches of tiny leaves bringing shade
And respite to hunters, campers, hikers
And now birthing through the ink and print
Of long hours of work
Ideas, hope, history and so many stories
Of hope, desperation, action
Waterfalls of words, streams of ideas, tree trunks of values
Inspiring ideas and ideals to new generations and charting the
Evolution of trees themselves and oh so many other beings
Books stacked, shelved, ready to inspire
Ready to travel, ready to translate
To leap over Babel, to spurt into action
To fill with ideas those so ready, enthusiastic and willing to create
progress, love, connection
to explore new horizons and discover new frontiers.
Books the secret treasures waiting for readers who will change the world.


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