Diane Margaret Miller
and Jan Irene Miller

“Containing Flow”
Jan Irene Miller
Acrylic on paper
Inspiration piece

Motion Wisdom
By Diane Margaret Miller

I have been here many moons on this earth, and even the concept of living many moons has an inkling of motion’s trajectory. I live in the West. Is it the science mind? Thousands of years and civilizations have lived stories born out of understandings of motion and movement. Comets could be evidence of divine anger, children could be healthier if conceived in a north wind, heavenly bodies pushed by gods, earth and water were understood to move downward, fire and air moved upward, all other motion required a soul of a living being. And then came the Western laws of Physics. I love the beauty of the laws of Physics. But if we maintain that all motion proceeds according to the laws of physics is that the happier truth? Where the laws of physics dictate that motion has no need of mind, could it be true what they say – that if unchecked the science mind could produce unwisdom?

As I blossom, I release the trajectories in their many forms of going somewhere, and I enter the stillness of being. When I will have become all in completion and transformed to another aspect, all that I know and remember will have remained all that I know and remember.   And I’d like to think that this life experience is a thousand million moments of experiencing the human and condensed material form, my deep loves, my struggles, my trees and sunsets, my people, my world, and the divine creative essence surround.

My lists are still here but just so I can have days of unfolding. My years are passing but only because I view them as such. I notice my days are marked with ever increasing harmonious incidents. I want to be here without getting swept along in the science mind of motion. Maybe there should be a 4th law of physics regarding motion: that motion has wisdom, a wisdom found not in the destination or trajectory that has built industrialized society, but in its constant seeking of balance and harmony, forever awake and aware of all, near and far. Possibly without the understanding that motion is awake and aware and communicating with all, unwisdom will prevail.

I have grown accustomed to this western way of motion and its seductive comforts and artifacts. But somewhere inside I completely know another way of being age-old and I am experimenting and experiencing.


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