Kamika Cooper and Lauren Rutten

Lauren Rutten
“Of the Body/Not the Body” series – 001
Inspiration piece

By Kamika Cooper


Here in silent warmth
I try to understand where I begin and where I end
Trying to ease this pain, tracing these lines to make the mends
Ja-ja-jagged in my breathing, st-st-stunted in my believing
But it’s true: there is power in this thing, power in my being

Here in healing waters
Sea salts, olbas and lavender force the toxins through my skin
Breathing out these dying cells, breathing in reborn within
This dis-ease, these injuries become fixable and tangible
I can see them healing before me and know that I am able

Here inside my body
My ecosystem, pushing toward restoration
This blood, these bones healing through visualization
This mini earth spinning on its own axis and resetting
There is power in this thing, meditating on my mending

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