Lisa Kilhefner and
KJ Hannah Greenberg

Lisa Kilhefner

On the Road to Tsfat
By KJ Hannah Greenberg
Inspiration piece

On the road to Tsfat,

Toward grandchildren,
Maybe employment,
Some windy uncertainties,
Along with ethnic cows,
Random raptors, other thieves,
Pulled cars over to steal
Radishes, farming equipment,
Handheld electronic devices.

Nearby, foxes lay mashed
Like so much prison litter,
Smoking tobacco plus other
Weeds, themselves unwanted
Growths tumbleweeding
Through more humane settings
Civilizations, histories, diverse
Environments, reproducing quickly
Outside native habitats.

I think on assignments, dirty dishes,
Piles of waste in my kitchen fortress,
Galley proofs, signature pages,
Kilometers of negotiations.
Winter wheat’s fresh green,
Clouds watch, without comment,
The people of legacy and their
Opponents. Verdant grace
Knows no membership.


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