Kamika Cooper and Lisa Pimental


Lisa Pimental
Acrylic on wood
Inspiration piece

Paths We Laid
Kamika Cooper

we used to be linear

raised up from the village seeds our great-grandmothers spat
we were bathed in Spring rains and thrived on compost riches
as we tried to escape the strong foundation lying just beneath the surface
we, identical and one, traversed the paths that were laid out before us
and when were sated, bored, and too familiar, we made our own

one day we glanced left and right to find that we had moved
we smiled shyly, pretending we were weaker than we were
but there was no weakness to our impetuous youth in the face of the lightening
and the attacks of hail year after year, almost withering on sun-drunk Sundays,
we simply kept moving because we had no other choice

but we used to be linear

we danced in rhythmic unison to wind songs our ancestors taught us
we found ourselves swinging from our own roots to become more of this,
a little less of that and sometimes nothing at all if weariness overcame us
the paths we laid down intersected and converged like a million woven thatches
and the village soil decreed that growth was mandatory, change inevitable

today we look left and right to find space, new growing petals upon us
the paths have taken us far away from the soil of the home we once knew
the strength from those early days gives us the courage to persevere
we, thoroughly hydrated with dreams and consistently growing toward the sun,
used to be linear and identical but today, we are infinitely dimensional

we are on our own

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