Lisa Nielsen and
Jay Young Gerard

Jay Young Gerard
Holes Aren’t Necessarily Round

The Holes in Our Story
By Lisa Nielsen
Inspiration piece

They say you never really know how
damaged someone is until you try to love them

And so goes my testimony,
to both of us
in all our clumsy bravado:
mirrored souls with
the sunken eyes of those who thrash through the night.

Though fractured wings dangle on either side, we
huddle in, longing for the presence of skin

I, wear memory like a widow’s shroud
(for you such grieving is not allowed)

A ghost lives in that void now
and she doles out shadows like fliers for the circus,
reminding you that love is just a carefully placed lie.

tears are filled with the souls of those
who have been here before
the ones pushed away,
who were no better at loving .

And now, teetering between retaliation and begging
there is only quiet suffering,
living on whiskey and Fritos —
this is clearly the era of the hopeless dream,
of realizing that broken is exactly as it seems.


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  1. Posted June 2, 2015 at 9:40 pm | #

    I really like what you two create together. Dynamic ekphrastic work.