Margaret Mair and Lisa Kilhefner

Lisa Kilhefner
Inspiration piece

Let Me Nestle
By Margaret Mair

Let me nestle
In these soft curves,
Hide in these hazy hollows,
Bask in this mellow light,
Burrow into these
Darkened shadows,
Look out through these
Translucent surfaces;
Let me see
The world differently,
Through filmy layers
Curved and mottled
And streaked with
Life-giving red.
Let these lenses
Show me fresh hues,
Soft and quiet colored,
Like the fertile earth,
Like sun warmed skin,
Like the glowing pulse
Of life.
Let me pull
These gathered shapes
And wrap them round
My exposed being
Like a gentle blanket;
Let me immerse myself
In their spirit
And sink through
Their soft layers
Out of sight
But not
Out of mind.


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