Amy Souza and Jules Rolfe

Amy Souza
“Round the Bend”

Digitally manipulated photograph

The Hidden Waterfall
By Jules Rolfe
Inspiration piece

Over the log
Before the wooden bridge
You’ll find the hidden waterfall

Listen closely can you hear it
all the way from the trail?

Trust your ears,
soften your eyes
to see the path

Cross the rock bridge
Choose your way: Low or high?
High: skirt the stream to the path
Low: Jump from rock to rock straight through

Taking the high road means climbing
Down a tree root ladder
The steepness comes with graceless flail
Be patient as you make your way down

The low road has its own slippery rocks
You may be soggy—both butts and shoes

High or low, follow the stream
And you’ll find her—the hidden waterfall.

Stand over her like a conquering king
Sit at her side, cherishing her like a lover

Lean over the edge to catch
a glimpse of her fall
Listen for her invitation
to sit at her feet
and marvel in the way
she tumbles
and swells
and falls
and crashes
into the clear pool below


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