KJ Hannah Greenberg
and Lavina Blossom

Lavina Blossom
Inspiration piece

By KJ Hannah Greenberg


Sure as primal formations placed, I’m a wanderer.

True as heaven’s dear clemency, it’s my lot to seek:

Clarity, a right way, a pure route, an upright path,

Stone corridors, timeworn highways of faulty glass.


Under starlit pavilions, afar of cloudy protections,

I meander hills, vales, mounds, horizontal grounds,

Nigh plateaus famous for feral, also wild watchers,

My dreams till, as I yet dwell as fallow’s daughter.


In chasing boulevards all seasons, orphaned of home,

Each time dancing breezes rouse this hoary roamer,

I pace past sunshine, alongside fresh blooms’ show,

Inhaling, quick, all spoken that nature might bestow.


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