Kamika Cooper and Marsha Staiger

Dragon Fly
Marsha Staiger
Inspiration Piece


We Won’t Forget You
Kamika Cooper

There is history in these walls
those who travelled through dense forest
and across vast ocean, leaving their mark
of the battles fought, won and lost
some laying down their weapons and armor
right there on the path never to be retrieved
we won’t forget you and all that you have done

There is peace inside these halls
if we are willing to brave the uncertain doorway,
beautiful rich images which appear to be hidden
from our view come alive when we
honor them and lend a little light of our own
peeling back each layer with loving eyes
we won’t forget you and all that you have become

There is freedom, mountains tall
inside what looks so complex from the outside
we step in and are rewarded with your memories
we look a little closer and see so much more
than intended, one image becomes four
constantly morphing into something new
we won’t ever forget you, for we and you are one

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