Jules Rolfe and Brian MacDonald

Brian MacDonald

by Jules Rolfe


It’s unfortunate you say
that the rain is dripping down the window
crowding the sound of the waves on the beach
ad we can’t go outside and play

It’s unfortunate you say
that we don’t at least have raincoats
with hoods or rubber boots
to keep our feet dry

It’s unfortunate you say
that we don’t have enough money
and this rainy weekend in a smoked-in hotel room
with the no smoking sign on the door is our only beach day

It’s unfortunate you say
that you don’t have enough time to stay
until Monday and delight in the sun and full moon
and feel the sand between your toes

And I look at you and say
You can meet me outside with your hair
stuck to your head and your clothes a wet mess
I’ll be outside dancing between the rain drops


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