Kamika Cooper and Robin R. Peace

Kamika Cooper
Becoming Literate”
Digital Illustration

By Robin R. Peace

Inspiration piece

A few hours ago
Something was nestled in my womb
It started off small
I never really noticed it at all
But then it happened
A burning ray of light
The something began to grow
It began to expand
The pain spreaded to every core of my body
I was being raped, all over again
I went numb, unable to cry for help
The something kept growing
Ripping and tearing tender muscles
Pushing and prodding into all my intimate places
It forced itself out of my womb
Into my heart
Into my mind
And screamed out of my throat
With a wail of a banshee
I could not stop it
The impulse drove me
I picked up pen and paper
Stories and tales from far away places
Sprang from my wrist
I became one with the something
As it pulled me down into its world
Its voice became my voice
I was remade in its image
The creative fire that burns
Saved me as it raped me
And now I long for its violent embrace


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  1. Posted March 11, 2016 at 10:24 am | #

    I paraphrase: “the violent embrace of creativity.” That is brilliant. Thank you for your inspiring, inspired writing.