Kathleen Finn Jordan and Seth Leamer


Seth Leamer

Inspiration piece

Smoker Blues
Kathleen Finn Jordan

Weathered face and sunken eyes
Wrinkled brow and smoke that flies
Up, about and in your face
Fingers nicotine coated trace
What’s your story wonder I
While you smoke time passes by
Does it keep you sane and clear
Does it nourish, banish fear
Hair so thick and waved like sea
Beard just speckled, are you free
Determination in your look
Broad nose spotted fingers hooked
You look angry, have you cause
All these anti-smoking laws
Nanny culture left and right
Darkened looks like darts that smite
Perhaps you’re playing music near
And smoking outside a door at rear
Smoke away this too will pass
Tobacco’s giving way to grass.



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