Seth Leamer and Kathleen Finn Jordan

Seth Leamer
Respite’s Sunset”
Digital Collage

Café Respite
By Kathleen Finn Jordan
Inspiration piece

Cobbled alley café tucked in
August in Georgetown lazy feel
For years we imagined in quiet and din
A stop at Leopold- a pastry, a meal
And so it happened an afternoon free
In a staycation pause with time to spend
And after a swim, a telephone call
It was off to the café at the canal’s rough end.

How strange I was thinking in Austrian mood
As I read during day “the Lady in Gold”
Embedded in Vienna as the characters danced
After seeing the movie- the story now told
In great depth Master Klimt and the lovely Adele
In Austrian magic before the great fall
And now to eat schnitzel In the Leopold café
Brought the book and the times in a great wild recall.

Rain was predicted but we challenged the call
And sat out on the terrace with the lush waterfall
As Crepe Myrtles breezed down we sat in content
And schnitzel and wine saw an afternoon spent.
We love the same food and agree on the wine
We inhale unique places and the feel’s quite divine
We talked as birds tripped near the table to find
The crumbs of the sacchertorte, the sweet fruit of the vine.

But once home the sky darkened and a footnote was planned
Watermelon martinis a recipe new
Long glasses and colors that screamed of the summer
Though the watermelon surprised in a deep yellow hue

It’s the moments in life that create the true joy
Excitement, surprise, and the will to soar high
And the friends that share dreams and convention be dammed
To live full and live free ‘til the moment we die.

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