Casey Bottono and Barbara Esgalhado

Barbara Esgalhado
Inspiration piece

By Casey Bottono


Like Buddha at the bodhi tree, I lean in close
Trusting the roots, trusting the firm foundation.
A gradual process – everything bleeds into everything else
Pain rubs against pleasure, rubs against pain

Breathing, I honour it all, the only way I know how
Let it come in, let it sit, let it go
With a measure of grace, if all goes to plan
Though too often it does not.

Nevertheless, I am held, supported, comforted
By the grace of an assembly of Good Souls
In various ways, we have all earned our stripes
Strengthened, humbled, built to endure

Overcoming is in our nature
Though it sometimes feels far off and inaccessible
Latent power lies within to triumph
We learn our lessons from the trees
Those great beings who are strengthened by the storms

I cherish these roots, these stories that compose me
Ragged, but rooted
Stronger for these connections
Bolstered by the presence of Grace

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  1. Posted June 3, 2016 at 7:35 pm | #

    “We learn our lessons from the trees
    Those great beings who are strengthened by the storms”
    Nice response to a beautiful photo of tree roots!

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