Alyscia Cunningham
and Donna JT Smith

Donna JT Smith
Inspiration piece

Dandelion Stroll
By Alyscia Cunningham

Glimpses of time pass by,
birthday candles multiply.

As aging increases I can’t deny,
desires to be my own ally.

Fire dims and cakes disappear,
tending to others stifled my air.

My wish on a candle diminished to rare,
and celebrations of her was no longer there.

Putting holds on goals turned from days into years,
as obligations for me transformed a deaf ear.

Daily routine smothered my vision,
cycles of circles caused a collision,

Neglect to self forced a decision,
be present to me or cause a division.

Aspirations of purpose adjusted my mission,
Then awareness of me had finally arisen.

Taking a leap for my own soul,
I filled the neglected hole.

With florets of meaning I now unfold,
Blown wishes spreads seedlings that I now console.

From dandelions of courage on my new stroll,
I broke through the chain of my own parole.


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  1. Posted June 5, 2016 at 6:58 pm | #

    I’m enjoying the rereadings of your poem, Alyscia. So much meaning to give time and thought to. Beautiful!