Donna JT Smith
and Alyscia Cunningham

Donna JT Smith

Journey To Iceland
By Alyscia Cunningham

Inspiration piece

Abela slowly open her eyes to a sky view of beautifully colored dancing clouds. Or so it seemed. “Wow…I’m in heaven.” she thought.

Feeling confused, immediately after, she sat up abruptly and said, “Wait…I’m in heaven?”
From a distance Abela saw the plane slowly sinking. “I knew you would make it.” said a gentle voice. In that moment Abela realized she was sitting on the back of a sperm whale. In her mind Abela began to question the reality of the situation.

“No you’re not dreaming,” said the whale. “My name is Zuri. What’s yours?” Abela introduced herself and uttered, “But how….”

“The plane crashed,” interrupted Zuri. “You were the only one breathing. I put you on my back and swam away so you wouldn’t sink with the plane.” Abela tried her best to sit up once again, but because of her body aches she couldn’t.

“Thank you,” Abela replied. “I wish I could somehow repay you.” “Just rest for now,” said Zuri. “When we reach ashore, I’ll explain how you can help.”

It seemed as if only a few minutes had passed when Abela awoke to Zuri’s voice. “We’re here.”
“Where are we?” asked Abela.

“We’ve made it to shore,” replied Zuri. “My baby is ill and needs the healing water from the Blue Lagoon.”

“The Blue Lagoon. Why do we need water from there? Couldn’t we use this water?” asked Abela, pointing at the ocean below them. “Plus I’m hurt. I don’t think I can make it.”

“Don’t fret, you’ll make it,” said Zuri. “Serenity will help you find the way.”
In that instant, Zuri gently rolled over for Abela to swim off toward shore. “I’ll be back tomorrow before sunset,” said Zuri. “The water will heal your pain as well”. Then she swam away towards the deep blue ocean.

Abela yelled out, “But where is Serenity?”

“I am here,” replied a calm windy voice. “I followed you to shore. Remember the dancing clouds?” Looking up to the sky, Abela nodded yes.

“Well that was me,” said the voice. “My name is Serenity but everyone knows me as Aurora Borealis. I’ll guide you to the Blue Lagoon so you can get the water for Zuri’s baby. But before giving it to Zuri you must first have it blessed by Kentiaus, the Priest at Hallgrimskirkja. He speaks whale.” 
Feeling exhausted, Abela dropped her knees down into the gritty sand.

“I can’t do it!” exclaimed Abela. “I’m tired and in a lot of pain.” Serenity blew swiftly, picking Abela up to her feet. “Don’t worry,” said Serenity. ”I’ll help you get there.”

“Ok, but before I start, can you tell me where I am?” asked Abela. “I have no clue where the plane crashed. I was on my way to Greenland.”

“That’s easy,” replied Serenity. “You’re in Iceland. The land of storytelling.”

“Iceland?” asked Abela. “Wow! How amazing that I crashed landed in a place I’ve always wanted to visit.”

“Wonderful it is!” exclaimed Serenity. “Now let our journey begin!”


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  1. Posted June 28, 2016 at 11:44 am | #

    I love your painting Donna! It’s beautiful and really fits with my story.