Cara James and Cathy Stevens Pratt

Cathy Stevens Pratt
Inspiration piece

By Cara James

fins on the surface
make your heart
beat to the sound of Jaws
clenched in wonder.
dolphins are dangerous
like men are dangerous.
their smooth bodies beg
to be felt more deeply
than you should swim.

but it is not the one
who calls lonely in the night
who won’t look into your eyes
who gives you the STD
that you must fear.

it’s the one who sends you flowers after you tell him
who smiles from his eyes when he wakes up beside you
who waters down your worries with words like
obscene and love and
there’s only you and me.

you must go below
where shafts of light
are held in suspense
by hydrogen and air
and there is nothing but
deep blue darkness all around.

forget not that he is wild, dear,
and be with him.

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    These are brilliant!