David Taranto and Brian MacDonald

Brian MacDonald
Inspiration piece


Jesus of Prometheus
By David Taranto


Oh, they must not have

been saved

to begin with.

Pry yourself from the grip of Christ.

You are the object

so heavy He cannot lift it.

Hands raised not in blessing,

but those of a heavenly father

or friend

who has simply had it

and backs away.


2,000 years is a long

day at the office.

The money-changer’s tables are ripe

for the flipping.

If God is a parent, he’s guilty

of caring with negligence

for his six-billion whining babies crying

in some pantheonic restaurant.


Red holes,

evidence of things

we must see.

Because all else is brick

and marble

and gold

and plaster

with a heart on its chest

to convince us it’s there

since its






An idol borne of man’s heart,

God made in Man’s image.

The meek inherit the earth,

cold and hard.

Those who hunger and thirst

hunger and thirst.

The merciful receive

a shoe to the back and a puddle in the face.

The pure in heart will see

one day. They’ll see.

The peacemakers will be called

‘thugs’ and ‘feckless.’


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