Seth Leamer and Jacob Kawecki

Seth Leamer
“The Nightly Visitor”
Digital artwork

By Jacob Kawecki
Inspiration piece

This ring
and that billowing dress
serve as a reminder to your straightness,
your deepness,
and seeing that blue gem over that blue silk
reminds me of the tragedy lying in the sky above.
On the horizon,
I see the demolition of your features,
and it only grows the contrast
of your fluorescence and my paleness,
the fundamental difference between you
and I.

You were a comet,
a yellow streak of fire,
and I was a rocky hole for humanity
to drain it’s austerity.
My bare smile contests nothing of the
fluidity with which you lived,
flowing from structure
to among the wilted leaves.

And every night,
you were pointing to that same star,
that pinprick of light
in the landscape of black clay.
If only that star knew the majesty of your neon smile.

Gliding through this burnt Earth,
grey and erect,
I know one thing…
I miss you.


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