Seth Leamer and Jacob Kawecki

Rising by Seth Leamer

Inspiration Piece

Ascendent by Jacob Kawecki

How terrible the sight of two red winged

Star gods flying from the sea;

Breaking asunder the ocean surface,

Blood drenched bodies dripping ruby.

Awaken once more to watch the sky

Ripped in half in crimson eye,

While greyest iris obscures both

Sunset glowing and girdle bruised

A purple hue.

Bemusing behemoths break man’s barricades.

Gods are not stopped by simple walls,

Brass bullets, weeps and wails,

Or the shaky pause

Where silence is only perforated by

Hushed prayers.

Nor do they wait for the second round

Of gunfire, the pellet-shell tanks

And mosquito bite missiles.

And we are wiped away like ants in a flood

With simply screams from their divine lungs.

In little townscapes,

Darkness falls,

And quiet death is all that calls.

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    Very nice!