Angela Rimbey and Elizabeth Eby

Elizabeth Eby
Inspiration piece

By Angela Rimbey


Shadow box of forgiveness
eyes that open
open close
we are all on this path to
light in our eyes
God in our fingertips
lets walk and listen
to the chirping of mornings song
it wont be long
until we reach the softness of the valley
underestimated by the weakness of our ability to dream.
We are all children
buried deep inside the awareness of
what we must do.
I saw you yesterday
and it reminded me of the sweet moments on the bus
sitting amongst the vagrants
wannabe city men

Lets walk today
and forgive ourselves of moments past
when our eyes would glaze over and our parents would ask
where we had been.

Today I see that I am not a child.
Today I feel the fullness of my breast and my ability to dream
of things that are unseen. The heart pulses
shards press against what was once forgotten
and memories leak through the layers of tragedy.
We must all grow up at one point
watching the rising of the sun.

At times my eyes will open
And I will push myself out of bed
open, close.
We would walk once, twice
and I would wonder about the severity of your words, your jaded heart.
You are older than you seem
yet someone forgot to guide you.
Light reflects off our conversation
and I am blessed to know the sound of your footsteps.


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