Kathleen Finn Jordan
and Susan Burton

Susan Burton

Inspiration piece

Breathless Roses
By Kathleen Finn Jordan


Tired, dipping, petals starved

The roses begin to leave

Too much sun, deprived of water

The swords of time, a time to grieve

As blossoms thrive a smile soars wide

On face, in soul makes bodies dance

But time as scythe wanders at will

The blossoms fade betray the glance

Flowers inspire and happy the life

Never a waste they inspire and please

But reminders they are of transit and loss

For some they seem a cruel attempt to deceive

Too much trouble and wasteful but others decry

Flowers enrich lift spirits bone dry

So some love the flowers, they plant and take care

But for others their dying reminds of despair.



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  1. Posted June 7, 2017 at 12:22 pm | #

    Lovely work – -both pieces.