Lauren Carney and Kamika Cooper

Lauren Carney
“Garden of One”
ink, paint, pen, and pencil mixed media

One Woman

By Kamika Cooper
Inspiration piece

I am one woman
the one who won your love and captured your once broken heart
I sit in gratitude of those who came and went before me, those who,
not realizing the treasure they had, stepped aside when love was no longer
enough and as these women moved, you grew, you healed, and were renewed

I am the woman
the one to whom you have chosen to bare your soul
the one you stand naked before, so beautiful and strong
you don’t realize the goddess you have become, but I see her, I see you
and you are mine, I am yours, we are ours, enveloped in sweet oneness

I am one woman
unlike any other flower you picked from those other paths you walked
I am an entire garden here for your exploration and cultivation
my love for you is growing each day from the foundation you have laid
so get ready, because I intend to remain THE one, YOUR one, WE won!

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