Jay Young Gerard and Lisa Nielsen

Jay Young Gerard

Myra’s Niche

Inspiration Piece

Lisa Nielsen

Still Processing


Mangled and incontinent with leprous bedsores, you are sure this will be estrangement’s undoing.
I can watch you suffer for days, but I’ve got laundry to fold.

Still processing those tightly contracted eyes when you examined me for fatal flaws.
Your lecherous anger spread into a snarl when you found none.

Give us this day our daily dread

Fists and screams were your only bouts of intimacy. All I have left are scars.

Don’t be afraid to be graphic he said, salacious
For details. I’ll do the rest. But the minute I lay on the couch I drifted and dreamed…

Disappointment follows me everywhere.

I’m supposed to forgive you your faulty wiring, say all the truthseekers
as they watch me re-ravel

My success is just a bitter offshoot of learning from bad examples,
blasting the weary and the wrong

While others practice nonattachment,
I am blissfully non-forgiving.

I’ll take my chances


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  1. Posted September 11, 2017 at 11:15 pm | #

    “I can watch you suffer for days, but I’ve got laundry to fold.” I love the direction you took from this inspiration piece!