Lisa Kilhefner and Alyscia Cunningham


Lisa Kilhefner



Alyscia Cunningham

Inspiration piece

A Woman I Am

Unique natural curve,
The moon strong urge,
Our monthly red cycle,
Make moody feelings psycho.
Body fit for birth,
Creating life here on earth,
Because of her,
Life’s seasons occur.
Breast full for milky feedings,
Filling the bellies of all seedlings.
A touch to soothe the beast,
Make all anger cease.
With the sweetness of her lips,
She penetrates his tip.
Her womb warm with love,
Making him quiver from above.
And as quiet as it’s kept,
Her spirit intuitively knows the quest.
Born a God,
Standing firm with staff and rod.
Saturating our Universe,
With her rhythmic verse.
And despite the crazy gimmicks,
Her body and soul can never be mimicked.
If we all knew our power,
All problems will devour.
More than an outer shell,
We are the gel.
We hold the key.
A woman I am,
A woman is me.
Withstanding fire, air, land and sea.

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