Amy Moffitt and Kamika Cooper

“Hey Hey Baltimore” (Music)
By Amy Moffitt


Hello Baltimore
By Kamika Cooper
(Poetry and digital photography)
Inspiration piece

i’ve heard a lot of bad things about you
heard you set them up and leave them to die
never wanted to be anywhere near you
pressed on the gas and sped right on by

you’ve got a nasty reputation
neighborhoods bathed in surveillance blue
streets overflowing with confrontation
no hope left when the night is through

but i’m going to join you on your journey
i hope you welcome me with open arms
let all your hills and your history claim me
let go of the fears and presumption of harm

prove me wrong with my snobby existence
your harbor is the gateway to my ancestry
i know i will fall in love with you in an instant
hello baltimore, are you there? it’s me

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