Channie Greenberg
and Kathleen Finn Jordan

Channie Greenberg

Pieces of Life
By Kathleen Finn Jordan
Inspiration Piece

Fracture perspective into virtual lift

Feet leaving ground and eyes binocularing

into fantasy, nature, water and waterfall

depositing you into the unusual, the breakaway

where memories of the beautiful, the creative,

hurl you into a high hiss resonance of now and yesteryear

of umbrella pines and California breezes coalescing into moments of ecstasy and bliss,

narrow Middle Eastern streets, European stone and cobble, vast African desert,

Times Square hype and pre-stage excitement, the awe of the museum transform

and electrifying blood rushing sense of being present

thrown wide in global tones of sepia, neon and quiet noir

Patterns and spaces, art and music brushing the cells and limbs,

the caverns of the soul twisting and turning in a brilliant and unending alchemy

Where we sit with friends of old

Sharing and dipping into that glorious space of love and abundance

Always able to renew and fire ourselves into archer tautness


Regardless of the poverty of the current surround—



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