Kathleen Finn Jordan
and Channie Greenberg

Channie Greenberg

Inspiration Piece

Tête – a – Tête
By Kathleen Finn Jordan

Words are colors, are shapes as they cascade from the mind

And land on surface others

Fresh green, cool blue, red hot urgent

Affecting as they catapult forward into the space and mind of others

Sticking in their singular shapes and becoming a new life in the hearer

Deeper in the listener

And like feathers they cannot be retrieved

Cannot be unsaid

Inspiring love, hate and other emotions

Words carry feelings and transmit them

Like arrows from a taut bow

Piercing, and bleeding into other words of

Reply, understanding or rebuff.

Words need to be guarded carefully

Thought about and served cool

Lest they hover like unpleasant drones.



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