Rachel Brown and Diane Mayr

Diane Mayr, In the Wings

Inspiration Piece


Rachel Brown, Movement


Could she bring them with her?
– she wondered, almost out loud –
those wings of possibility,
that fluttered around her?

She’d grown accustomed
to their swoosh, their constant pushing
against the air.
She’d grown accustomed

to her own stillness, to the act
of waiting.
She knew
that once she made the choice
reversal was impossible,
she’d simply slide

along the path,
picking up speed as she went along.
That was the scariest part: careening
down a one way street,
without a wheel to turn
or the earth to hold onto.

It felt like centuries of stillness
before the first of the butterflies
left her, pushing
its black and blue torso
and its pale yellow wings
into the world
crisp, decisive
meeting the white glare of the sun,
silver through the clouds.

She felt the squirm
of the beetle’s legs,
causing her own feet
to itch

But still
she was suspended
as all the possibility around her began to move –
she could bear only to ask about the world,
but not to embrace it –
as if slipping a finger out the door to test the weather,
but never emerging into its embrace

How long? –
she wondered –
could she stay like this?
inside herself
as all the possibility escaped her,
made its way into the world

Shining like a dragonfly
when it breaks from a long stand
into the air.


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  1. Posted March 10, 2018 at 1:40 pm | #

    Rachel, what a trip…I want to go again!