Amy Souza and Anne Nowselski

Anne Nowselski
Inspiration piece

By Amy Souza

Butterflies don’t worry about attachment

When they wrestle away the cocoon and

Soar wispy but not frail

The woman who discovered their life cycle

Was ridiculed by men who knew better

Even though they were wrong

She painted and drew, explored and

Listened, watched insects hatch and must

Have thought she’d witnessed God’s hand

At fifty-two she traveled the Caribbean to consider

mysterious creatures. Today I read that women

Over fifty disappear to those around them

Near and far ceasing to exist

Imagine the oldest butterfly living hundreds of

Times longer than most of its species

The stories it could tell

Shrewd flap to its wings

Going in for nectar with sureness determined

History pulsing through its genes

Unconcerned about your lack of knowledge

If it noticed you at all

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