Kathleen Finn Jordan and Jules Rolfe

Jules Rolfe

Inspiration piece

Patterned View
Kathleen Finn Jordan

Response piece

Evening falls and footfalls tred the path along the beach
Expanse of water wraps around as eyes like arms spread, reach
Though threads of patterned memories lie between the sea and I
Colored with the pinks and greens of fields and flowers ‘neath sky
Moments spent on other waters in other times writ large
Filled with joy and sweetest feel, a passing sail, a barge
A breeze or hot wind kissing lips as arms wound round hug close
A smell of melon, a sweet perfume, a taste of wine, a pleasure dose
The evening sweeps away from me as the blues suck the threads away
Returning to the present night laced with hope for the coming day.

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